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Happy Ever After

Yebichei and Mish-Mish

A pale ginger tabby curled up on its owners lap looking very happy


Yebichei and Mish-Mish are Romanian rescues that came to us in November 2021 via Marg’s Moggies cat rescue charity.

They settled in really well and from day 1 demanded lots of love and cuddles. Since they joined this household we have not had to throw away much cat food, as they eat like vacuum cleaners, licking clean everybody’s cat bowl. They love sleeping and exploring the garden. I would think that we are giving them a good life.

The pictures are Mish-Mish with Steve and Yebichei with me in one of his favorite spots.

A pale ginger tabby cat curled up looking relaxed on its owners lap
A large ginger and white cat sat on its owners lap looking at the camera and seems content