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Happy Ever After

Roxie and Milo

It’s been just over a year since we adopted Roxie from Margaret, we’ve since also adopted Milo, just 3 weeks ago.

Both Roxie and Milo came from Romania and had clearly been well cared for by their foster family there.

Roxie settled in beautifully, our three children adored her from the start and she’s most often found snuggled up on one of their beds. We decided it would be good for Roxie to have a playmate, so contacted Margaret for advice and availability of a suitable young cat.

Enter Milo, a gorgeous little ginger boy! Roxie wasn’t sure to start with but by taking things slowly, they’re getting a little bit closer with each day that passes. I am certain that in a few more weeks, they will be the best of companions.

Thank you Marg for completing our family, can’t imagine our home without them.