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Happy Ever After


Read about Oatmeal in her new home.

We adopted Oatmeal (formerly Millie) three months ago and she has changed our lives.

During her time at the rescue Oatie was definitely very shy around the other cats and would spend most of her time hidden away in her cage. We fell in love with her immediately and knew we were up for the challenge of rehoming a timid cat.

Watching Oatmeal come out of her shell over the past few months has been amazing. We feel so proud when friends and family comment on her growing confidence.

Three months in and she is a very spoiled girl. She likes playing with her toys, treats (especially sticks!), watching cat YouTube videos, being brushed and snuggling down at bedtime.

We can’t believe how far she has come in such a short time and can’t wait to continue our journey with her.

A huge thanks to Marg, the veterinary team, kind supporters of the rescue and everyone else involved in bringing Oatmeal into our lives.