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Happy Ever After

Nakia’s Story

Beauty was adopted a few weeks ago – and renamed Nakia. Her forever family sent us this message and photos.

“Now you picture when adopting a kitten, and bringing her into a household with other pets that it will be a long process. A few weeks, maybe even a few months! Not for Nakia though, a few days in and she’s already well and truly befriended both the resident dog & cat. She plays with Blue (the cat pictured) for hours on end, running up and down the house, before promptly settling on my lap for her nap time. Nakia is the most wonderful natured kitten I could have asked for. The Lady of the house has arrived!

“Thank you so much to Marg’s moggies for bringing this special little girl into our lives. The hard work you put into her handling and care well and truly shows. Such a confident, cute little character who has found her forever home.”

Nakia very much at home
Blue and Nikia