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Happy Ever After

Lily and Pablo

Six months after our elderly rescue cat passed away, we felt ready to open our hearts and home to another cat in need. I contacted Marg who said she had three suitable candidates. When visiting, one of the cats hid and wouldn’t come out, thus disqualifying herself. The other two, however, were friendly and affectionate, and made the choice very difficult; so difficult in fact, that we decided to adopt them both!

Lily and Pablo have settled into family life remarkably well over the past five months; they’re gentle, playful, and affectionate – especially with our young daughter – not to mention hilarious! Pablo enjoys chasing his own tail, and Lily likes to ambush him as he walks past her! They’ve both become lap cats and love to come up to bed for a fuss, which is something we desperately missed about having a cat. Lils and Pabs are perfect matches for our family and we love them very much.

Two cats sat on a little bed.  One is black and white, and one a grey tabby.
Lilly and Pablo in their new home