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Happy Ever After

Hugo and Jerry

two ginger tabby and white cats

Hugo and Jerry in their new home

We adopted Hugo and Jerry from Marg’s Moggies back in February this year. Beautiful, bonded brothers rescued from Romania.

Since we’ve had them they have brought us so much fun and joy we can’t even imagine our lives before them.

Jerry(back) is the goofy rapscallion one of the two, he never sits still, he’s mischievous, cheeky and always makes us laugh with his antics!

Hugo is the ‘lion’, he’s VERY laid back and loves sleeping in his bed, until his ferocious hunting instincts kick in; a catnip mouse stands no chance with him.

We love our ‘orange brothers” so much, especially when it’s cuddle time. They both love chin scratches and have the LOUDEST purrs, especially when having their favourite treat, a cold ‘lick-e-lix” out of the fridge on hot days.

Jerry and Hugo are indoor cats but we have built them an extensive catio where they love spending time chilling in the sunshine and watching the bird life. They’re still very bonded and love each other very much.

Thank you Margaret and all the people involved in rescuing our wonderful cats, they bring so much love to our family!

Two ginger and white tabby cats, one laying down and one sat behind, both staring at camera
Hugo and Jerry happy in their new home