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Happy Ever After


Grey cat with a white bib and white paw laying on a wicker basket


Grayson is the sweetest little boy. When he first came home he was extremely nervous but he is now a confident, trusting and happy cat. He has an overbite which gives him the most endearing appearance and makes him extra special. He loves playing with springs and strings, and one of his favourite spots is the top of his cat tree where he can watch the birds and chatter to them if he isn’t busy napping.

Although he’s taken a little while to come out of his shell, he is a charming boy and I’m so proud of how he has settled into his forever home. His strong personality and sweet expressions have captured the heart of all the friends and family who have met him, and he is a loyal companion who sleeps at the foot of the bed every night. We recently celebrated his second birthday with lots of presents and can’t wait to celebrate the many birthdays to come.

He now has a massive extended family of people who love him and he is an irreplaceable part of my daily life. I am so grateful to Marg for letting me take him home – adopting Grayson has been life-changing and I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a pet to adopt.

Grey cat with a white bib having his cheek scratched and looks like he is enjoying it