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Happy Ever After

Ember and Willow – Happy ever Afur!

Two combine photos - on left a ginger and white cat on a metal garden bench, and a dark faced Siamese cat laying on a bed surrounded by her toys

Ember and Willow

In April 2022 my life changed for the better when we adopted the sassy little Ember from Margs Moggies Cat rescue, after losing our 18yr old cat to cancer.

I never thought that I would find another cat to take her place, however, Ember is always by my side or snuggling up as close to my face as she can, she’s just like a snuggly teddy bear!

She has brought fun into our home, so much so we decided to add another family member to our household. In February this year we adopted tiny Willow.

Willow had a hard start and she was very timid, however she’s really started to come out of her shell.

She loves to run & play with her sisters Ember and Flo (our other feline family member). She’s constantly causing trouble or playing with something she shouldn’t.

She has a long way to go to fully trust humans, however, she’s getting there.

Thank you Margaret for a your hard work, often nursing cats and kittens back to health. Without you our family would not be complete!

White and pale ginger cat sat on a metal garden bench
Siamese cat with a dark face and feet laying in a bed with her toys