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Happy Ever After

Dora’s Happy Ever After

We had always wanted to bring a cat into our home, but with an extended family member who was allergic it never seemed to feasible. We were happy with our lop eared companions.

That all changed when we learned of Marg’s Moggies and the amazing work being done to care for these unfortunate cats. We decided that we wanted to help – little did we know how quickly our new friend would become an essential part of our family.

We met Dora as part of a litter of mixed appearance moggies but always knew she was the one for us. Her sweet face and the tiny ring of white at the end of her tail were so endearing and we just couldn’t wait to bring her home. We were so grateful to be able to visit her at Marg’s until she was old enough and were patient while the infection in her neck eased. When we finally did pick her up she was still wearing a cute scarf.

She is the perfect cat for our family: she is tolerant of the constant picking up and always joins us for our morning cuppa. During the day she keeps our bunny on his toes, when she is not sleeping under the kid’s beds or watching out the window for our return. In the evening, we would not be without our lap warmer. She would surely stay on the bed all night given the opportunity!

Thank you so much for opening our eyes to what we were missing in our home. Dora could not be more loved by everyone in our family. We hope that every cat that passes through your care goes on to find a home like she has.