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Can you help home Frank?

Close up of a long haired semi-Persian cat staring at the camera


Can you home Frank, a lovely young long haired neutered tom

Cat information

Name: Frank
Breed: Mixed but part Persian.
Description:  Grey, Long haired.  Will need daily grooming.
Age/D.O.B.: 10 Months Old ( DOB: May 2023)
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes 
Micro chipped: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Has to be a house cat 
Good with Children: Children over 5 years old
Good with Dogs: Not known
Good with Cats: Females – Yes, other males – No.
Feeding notes: Both wet and dry food.

About Frank

Frank was brought to Marg’s Moggies only a few weeks ago.  Since he arrived he has been neutered, and is happily living with two girl cats – but not keen on sharing space with other male cats.

He needs to be in a home where someone has time to spend with him to bring out his loving nature, and can groom him daily..  Children would need to be over five years of age.

Please read adoption notes below Frank’s photos.

Frank’s Photos

Light grey long haired cat

General Adoption notes

We need to know

If you are thinking of adopting we need details of:

  •  Your name
  •  your address and postcode
  •  your phone number
  •  any children including ages
  •  any other pets
  •  are you near any main roads?
  •  accommodation – whether owned or you have landlords’ permission to have pets

You need to know

  •  we will do a home-check before the cat can be adopted.
  •  There is an adoption fee.

See our contact us page for how to get in touch.