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Name: Ginge (Ginger/Gingy)
Breed: Domestic Short Hair (DSH)
Description: Ginger tabby with white patches.
Age/D.O.B.: 1 year (DOB 6/2023)
Sex: Tom
Neutered: Yes
Micro chipped: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor: Either
Good with Children: Over 5
Good with Dogs: not known
Good with Cats: yes. (See below)

Feeding notes:

Loves James Well Beloved dried food and will eat whiskas kitten dried.
Prefers whiskas kitten wet / felix as good as kitten wet but could probably be introduced over time to other wet food.
Absolutely adores chicken Lick E lix and given meaty sticks for a treat.

Health Notes:

Found to have a large polyp under his soft palette which was successfully removed and is now fully ready for his new forever home. Due to the recovery time, he is still very kitten-ish for his age.


Lovely gentle kitten who loves feather toys, laser lights and bombing around. Toy tunnels, ping pong balls to chase and cat toys on elastic wands, in particular a squeaky mouse” at the moment. He pads on his bed and likes snuggling underneath his blankets. Endearingly sticks his tongue out of his mouth occasionally. Likes watching the birds out of the window

Currently has a foster kitten friend who he loves playing with in the evenings. Used to other cats but may be a little too playful for senior cats.

Will be a fabulous addition to a new home where he can have more space to explore and runaround.

Please see adoption information below photographs

Photographs of Ginge

General Adoption notes

We need to know

If you are thinking of adopting we need details of:

  •  Your name
  •  your address and postcode
  •  your phone number
  •  any children including ages
  •  any other pets
  •  are you near any main roads?
  •  accommodation – whether owned or you have landlords’ permission to have pets

You need to know

  •  we will do a home-check before the cat can be adopted.
  •  There is an adoption fee.

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