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Happy Ever After


Benny was adopted in August 2021

(From Benny’s new owner)

I picked up Benny a few months ago now and being a feral cat he had to stay caged for a few weeks on the farm before letting him out. He had a climbing frame and three little hiding dens in his cage and for the first couple of weeks we didn’t see him at all unless we hid round the corner when he was fed and then he would pop his head out, grab the food and retreat back in the den. He definitely loves his food and gradually his head would pop out just to see if I was on my way.

I was apprehensive when I let him out I must admit, but I needn’t have worried as he is back on the dot at food time waiting every day.

In the first week Benny caught and killed a huge rat so we know he is hunting and the numbers in the yard have definitely gone down (that we have seen about anyway). He is very adventurous and explores all the places we know the rats have been about.
Just in the last week, Benny has started to follow us around a bit, being very inquisitive as to what we are doing and we can get within a few feet of him before he shoots off to a hiding place. He is a very cute little cat who I hope is happy in his new home.